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Project Samples

"Emily and I worked together on a collaboration....The process was fluid and fun from beginning to end. She brought creativity and enthusiasm to every discussion.  I enjoyed working with Emily, and highly recommend her for her artistic vision and abilities."

-Vince Ready, Lasting Light Photography

This is a small sampling of corporate, artistic and commercial projects. If you are interested in seeing something more specific (group work, solo work, partnering, dance for film) please ask!


Creative Director + Choreographic Editor

"We Need a Bridge"

This is a fundraising project that tells the story of the Portland dance community's need for a financial bridge to make it to the other side of the pandemic.

The creation process was 6 very busy weeks from idea to launch. It featured 80 Portland dancers and was shot in 45 minutes with no rehearsal or advanced preparation other than email communication. Working with the videographer during the editing process was a critical part of the choreographic vision.


Performance + Choreographic Director


"Parkinson's Expression"

password to view is: Art

This is a performance that expresses the relationship between Parkinson's Disease and the human body using dance, spoken word, music and motion graphics as the vehicle for expression.

This was originally a live performance for the "Shake it til we Make It" Gala hosted by the Brian Grant Foundation, but it received such a powerful and positive response that the director (who is also a filmmaker) decided to turn it into a film as well.


Virtual Job Shadow

Virtual Job Shadow is a website that, among other things, offers professionally-produced job shadowing and career advice videos for students to see a "day in the life of" various professions. They followed me around for three days on one of my choreography projects. If you're interested in learning a little more about the behind-the-scenes of what I do, check it out!


Performance + Choreographic Director

“Adopted” for The Slants

This was an on-the-spot collaboration with the Creative Director for the video. There were some moments that we worked out specific timing and choreography but mostly it was improvised. At one point we hoisted the videographer up in a harness as he wanted a new angle!



This one was a small feat! The Audigy Group team in Portland called me in to choreograph a flash mob for an annual audiology conference in Las Vegas. I taught the local team in person, then made a video for them to distribute through their internal communications network for employees across the country to learn. They surprised the other groups attending the conference with this fun dance! Dancing starts at around 40 seconds and be sure to watch the end.

Music selection by Audigy Group


Aerialist Performer + Choreographic Collaborator

Music video for the band One from Many. Featuring dancers with AWOL Dance Collective.

This was a collaboration with the Creative Director for the video.




Part of RIPFest #6, this short film is a musical-within-a-musical-within-a-musica­l, in a style that sits somewhere between Jesus Christ Superstar and South Park. Tongue-in-cheek film noir meets epic pop in this dizzying piece with hilarious performances by Jimmy Bennett, Nanci Anderson and Dana Snyder. Book and lyrics by Matt Prager, Music by Deborah N. Hurwitz, Directed by Sean Mewshaw, Choreographed by Kitty McNamee.

 Performer | Choreographer | Creative Consultant

From photoshoots, music videos, commercials, and flash mobs,

to musicals, short films, galas and dance films, I've got you covered!

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