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"I firmly believe that in all my years of working with people in the arts,
Emily is one of the most capable, resourceful, and dedicated people I've met."

-Tony Caparelli mentor, former Executive Director of Oakland Ballet & James Sewell Ballet.
About Me


 I have been dancing since age five and the studio and theater are my happy places. I have a BFA in Choreography and Performance in Dance and have been a working artist nationally and internationally since 1999.

I am always up for new projects and the ones that includes movement are my favorite kind. Performances are the cherry on top but rehearsals are where the magic happens and the creative process is where I find the most satisfaction!

Director of Creativity

While living in Paris, I explored everything from writing, poetry, photography, watercolor, and sculpture to language and dance. What I discovered is that many tools of creativity apply across all disciplines.

I absolutely love sharing those creative tools, especially with those who say "I don't have a creative bone in my body." Try me! I bet we can find at least one!


I am currently Founder and Director of Dance Wire Portland's Dance Hub. Building Dance Wire from the ground up has been a feat, but something I'm both passionate about and proud of.

Throughout the years I have worked multiple arts organizations in various stages of growth and in most every capacity including: education, membership, marketing, programs, fundraising, community partnerships, financial management, strategic planning and operations.


My credentials include a 600 hour Pilates certification, 200 hour yoga certification, and an 8 week teaching artist development training through the Music Center of Los Angeles, but more importantly is the years of experience I have working with people.

Whether teaching in a fitness or artistic capacity, I work to empower people to truly inhabit their own bodies from the mechanical details to individual expression.

Anatomy Riot Back Cover
Check out the book I wrote
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And my dance for film
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