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Seasoned Professional... And so gracious.

Watching Emily Running work, I experienced her enveloping passion. There is no corner of Choreography, Dance, Stage, that Emily does not OWN. From building relationships to crossing every T in the business/logistics end, to the Show itself, Emily leaves no detail to chance. Her preparation is tireless. She can do it ALL.

-Barry Yee, Striven Media

I am available for short and long term projects. Each project will be customized to meet your vision and budget. Let's get creative!

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Titles often used:

  • Choreographer

  • Dance Artist

  • Rehearsal/Performance Director

  • Talent Director

Titles I believe describe my work:

  • Teacher of Physical Intelligence

  • Conductor of the Creative Process

  • Educator of Art Appreciation

  • Leader in Creative Team Building

  • Director of Movement Authenticity

  • Movement Translator


My technical skills include:

  • General Management (people/projects/money/resources)

  • Writing (proposals/content/creative)

  • Teaching (skills or concepts to others)

  • Program creation and evaluation

  • Curriculum development

  • Community outreach


My soft skills:

  • Turning vision to reality

  • Effective communication (oral/written/nonverbal)

  • Generating and implementing ideas

  • Group facilitation

  • Reading and working with various personalities

  • Time management

  • Able to adapt to change without crisis

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