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"Talk about Creative and Out-of-the-Box! Emily Running is exactly that and she brought her energy and talents to our organization! The past 2 years we have contracted with Emily to teach our Management Team a choreographed, dance routine. We then performed it for (and surprised and energized) our entire operation! I highly recommend and encourage you to do the same for your group! It was memorable and a great glimpse of "another side of management" that your team will really appreciate. Any occasion will do...Halloween, Retirement, Company Party, etc...Give Emily a call!"

- Alan Burton Ticor Title

I am available to take on new projects. Each project will be customized to meet your vision and budget.

Let's get creative!


Curious about the behind-the-scenes life of a dance artist?

Checkout my BLOG

I share my choreographic process, rehearsal and performance videos, along with notes, footage, and descriptions of how projects like these come together. Plus you'll get exclusive insight into the creation of my newest dance project "Gold Suit".

Choreographer | Performer | Creative Consultant

Everything from photoshoots, music videos, commercials, and flash mobs,

to musicals, short films, galas and concert dance productions.

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