"Talk about Creative and Out-of-the-Box! Emily Running is exactly that and she brought her energy and talents to our organization! The past 2 years we have contracted with Emily to teach our Management Team a choreographed, dance routine. We then performed it for (and surprised and energized) our entire operation! I highly recommend and encourage you to do the same for your group! It was memorable and a great glimpse of "another side of management" that your team will really appreciate. Any occasion will do...Halloween, Retirement, Company Party, etc...Give Emily a call!"

- Alan Burton Ticor Title
Project List

P R O J E C T  M A N A G E R /  T A L E N T  D I R E C T O R


Project:                                                                                                 Company:
"We Need a Bridge" Video Campaign                                          Dance Wire

Old Moody Roadshow (a COVID friendly drive-up show)     Dance Wire

Fruity Juicy Collection Product Launch                             MAC Cosmetics

“Shake it til we Make it” Gala                                     Brian Grant Foundation
"Parkinson's Expression" Film Shoot                Heart & Hustle Productions

adidas ad campaign                                                                       Rafael Astorga
adidas originals ad campaign                                                   Marcus Swanson

IOL ad campaign                                                    It's Only Love Active Wear

*P E R F O R M E R / C H O R E O G R A P H E R / D I R E C T O R  (P R O J E C T S)

Project:                                                                                               Company:

"Anna" live film screening                                                                      ElaFala

*In the Rough II                                                                           Emily Running

*In the Rough I at FLOOR Center for Dance                   w/ Jessica Zoller

*A Taste of Dance: A Wine and Dance Pairing                  w/ Jessica Zoller

The Greatest Showman                                                Animate Voice Studio

*Windows 11 - Night Lights                     Beth Whelan presented by RACC

*Creation Story                                                                           Dance for Film

*Silent Lucidity                                                                                Private Party

*Gatsby Gig                                                                                     Private Party

Roseburg Dance Team (Placed Gold)                                                     Radix

Interlude                                                                  PDX Contemporary Ballet

Halloween: Thriller                                                                               Ticor Title

Halloween Mash-Up                                                                            Ticor Title
Music Video for "Adopted"                                                                The Slants

Flash Mob for National Convention                                          Audigy Group

Music Video for "Retrospective"                                           One From Many



P E R F O R M E R / * C H O R E O G R A P H E R - ( C O N C E R T )
Styles include:

Aerial, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Improvisation.

Portland, Oregon
ELa FaLa - (Groovin Greenhouse, X-Posed, Anna)

*POV Dance (In my Own Space)

Fertile Ground Festival

*AWOL - Aerial Without Limits -
(company for 7 years) shows include:

Art in the Dark (x6), Project Warehouse (x5)

Left of Center, Stop/Start, One Shy of Ten, Drop of a Hat, 10 Laws,

Closed Doors, Gridlock, 3-6-9, Zip Zap Zoom, Zip Zap Doom

Oregon Country Fair

OMSI After Dark

Wanderlust Circus

Circus Artemis

Groovin Greenhouse
*Scratch PDX

*Various Gigs

Paris, France
*Lumière des étoiles

Los Angeles, California
*Los Angeles Choreographers Ball
Diavolo Dance Theatre - education/ company (1 year)
Method Contemporary Dance (1 year)
Vox Dance Theatre - company (2 years)

*The Apple Tree
Lola’s Closet Cabaret
Fall into the Arts
Praxis Project at the Ford Amphitheater


Toronto, Canada
fFIDA International Dance Festival

Missoula, Montana
*University of Montana Dance Department (3 years)
*Harley Davidson’s “Leather Forever” Cabaret (7 years)
*Missoula Dances
*Kiss Me Kate
*Nutcracker (6 years)

M O D E L / P H O T O G R A P H Y

Project:                                                                                          Photographer:

New Space Center for Photography                                                    Various

Fuse Project                                                                                       Jingzi Zhou

Nike test shoot                                                                             Dylan Coulter
adidas                                                                                        Marcus Swanson
artist installation                                                                                Eric Palmer
Scrub Med catalog shoot                                                           Steve Scardina
Scrub Med video ad                                                                                     video

artistic model                                                                                   Gerald Lewis

artistic model                                                                             Alexis Goldstein

artistic model                                                                         Snap Bang Wallop

artistic model                                                                                     Anna Hoye
artistic model                                                                 Rafael Fischetti Ayoub
artistic model                                                                                           Bo Ekra
artistic model                                                                                           Anne Li
artistic model                                                                              Eduoardo Pazzi

artistic model                                                                                  Gilles Toucas
Lola’s Closet runway                                                                              live show
Harley Davidson’s “Leather Forever” fashion show                          live show

T V / F I L M

Project:                                                                                                  Company:
Commercial extra                                                                                 Microsoft

“Leverage” extra                                                                                             TNT
“In the Gray” extra                                                               Sogno Productions
“What were you thinking?” (movie musical) dancer            Raw Impressions
“My Pretty” lead actress                                                   Gabriela Productions



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