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"Night Lights" - Performance

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

READ FIRST, then watch.

Remember the performance I did back in November called Night Lights?

Let me refresh your memory.

On the first Thursday of every month, there is an art walk in the Pearl District of Portland where various art events are happening at local businesses. The Regional Arts and Culture Council has their offices at a building right in the heart of the Pearl District so every first Thursday during the darker months they host a public event where selected artist shows a video projection on the wall of their building.

First, click here to watch the performance of the piece titled "Windows 11" that was presented at Night Lights November 2018. It is a collaboration between a choreographer and a video artist. I worked with the choreographer and am dancing inside the windows of the building while the projection is happening on the outside.

I'll admit the video isn't nearly as exciting as seeing us as tall as the building dancing in the real performance, so feel free to skip through to get a sense of some of the different effects used. This is just one section out of four.

As cherished patrons I wanted to share with you the behind the scenes footage too. So now go back up to the video attached to the post to see us dancing on desks inside the windows. I hope you'll enjoy our silliness as we take advantage of the fact that the audience can't hear us or see us beyond just our silhouettes. :)

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