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ELa FaLA - First Rehearsal

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Happy New Year!!!

I am pleased to start off the new year with news that I will be dancing with new company, Ela Fala in 2019. Ela Fala is both new to me and new in general. The Artistic Director is from Brazil and recently relocated to Portland. The video is of our first rehearsal. We were supposed to start rehearsing the first of November but didn't start til early December due to delays getting her visa. So we have had to move quickly as the company is scheduled to perform in a festival at the end of January! Luckily one of the intangible skills of artists is our ability to adapt.

We learned all the movement in the video in one hour and then rehearsed it again and again and again. This is just one small section of the piece but is movement that she will draw from to create the rest. Rehearsals start back tonight and the show opens January 26th. I will be posting more on this as we go.

Also ahead in the new year:

-more musical theatre choreography with the vocal studio

-a performance I will be doing in March that includes a wine and dance pairing

-whatever else comes my way!

-I will also be sending along the final "Night Lights" piece when I get the video. Remember the one where we were projected on a building?

Thanks for following along!

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