Meet Dance Wire

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Dance Wire is a service organization dedicated to keeping the Greater Portland dance community prosperous, inspired, and visible.


Dance Wire was created to...

  • Serve as a single point of access for all dance activity in the city including classes, performances, workshops, and auditions. Dance Wire is intended to serve dancers as well as accountants, shop owners, lawyers, doctors, designers, builders and everyone who wants to engage in dance just because they love it! We are committed to supporting and promoting engagement from all ages, at all levels, in all genres and across all demographics.

  • Enrich the dance community of Portland by providing information, resources and services that address community needs, boost involvement, respond to changes in the field, and celebrate dance as an art form.

  • Help increase the visibility and accessibility of all the wonderful dance we have to offer both in Portland and the surrounding areas.

In a Nutshell:

Dance Wire is dedicated to...

  • Supporting and promoting all dance activity.

  • Addressing community needs.

  • Boosting involvement.

  • Increasing accessibility and visibility.

  • Celebrating dance!


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