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Dance Wire


Dance Wire is dedicated to keeping the dance community of Greater Portland prosperous and visible while getting more people involved in dance..


It can be a lot of work to survive as a dance artist or organization. The information, resources, and services we offer help those within the professional dance community thrive. From being a resource for opportunities to facilitating collaboration & networking, to being a voice for the collective community, Dance Wire helps dancers and dance organizations prosper.


Visibility is the key to success for artists wanting to share their work. A centralized network of all dance activity in Portland raises the visibility of dance artists and organizations small and large while providing the public with a window into what’s happening.


One concept that drives every aspect of our work is that the dance offers something for everyone. You don't have to be pursuing dance as a career to get involved. Dance Wire is here to get everyone to the next level of their dance journey as an artist, student or audience member. There is no such thing as too old, too fat, too poor, too shy, too inflexible or too uncoordinated to enjoy dance. Discover what's out there and we promise you'll be inspired.


Early in my years working on Dance Wire I spoke with someone who said "You will always have a small audience with dance. There's just a finite number of people who will be interested." I disagree.

What I do believe is that we live in a brain dominated society and the body is currently underestimated, underused and undervalued. Our bodies have the incredible potential to express, communicate, and process through movement. Increased use of the body in these ways would have profound impact on society. You don't need to be trained as a professional to reap the benefits of dancing.

Dance is for everyone. That has always been a fundamental part of my vision for Dance Wire. If the current number of audience/participants in dance is small, it's because of layers of cultural perceptions over time that have left too many people feeling excluded. In my eyes, there's no such thing as too fat, too old, too tall, too poor, too inflexible, too shy, or too uncoordinated to dance.

Dance Wire envisions a future where existing perceptions around who can dance are dissolved and the potential number of people who may be interested has no limit.

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