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Night Lights - Rehearsal & Filming

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Night Lights - Rehearsal & Filming

I have another project going on right now too and this one is a freelance performance project. I was invited by a choreographer I know to be a part of "Night Lights" which is a monthly 'public art event that promotes digital media, urban intervention, and technological innovation through site-specific outdoor art experiences.'

Let me translate a little. On the first Thursday of every month, there is an art walk in the Pearl District of Portland where various art events are happening at local businesses. The Regional Arts and Culture Council has their offices at a building right in the heart of the Pearl District so every first Thursday during the darker months they host a public event where selected artist shows a video projection on the wall of their building.

Artists are required to submit a proposal of their project and a panel selects 6 artists to present a work (one a month for 6 months). Each artist (or art group) gets a $1,000 honorarium to create their work.

The choreographer I am working with, Beth Whelan, is actually doing a collaboration with a video artist that will include live performance that interacts with the video projection. The video above (taken on my phone) was shot on Sunday and was also filmed by the videographer. This is just one short solo section, but the full piece will be an hour long and has 4 dancers including me. We will be dancing inside the windows of the building while the projection is happening on the outside.

The show happens Nov 1st so I'll be sharing the final product with you sometime after!

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