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"Creation Story" Part 5: Home Stretch

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I am currently in my 33rd week of pregnancy with likely somewhere between 5-7 weeks to go. If I'm going to be honest, I am eager to get this baby out of my belly. I feel like I swallowed a bowling ball, which as you might imagine, makes things like dancing, and basically everything else (eating, sleeping, breathing) quite uncomfortable. But the performer in me keeps it going - the show always goes on.

Working on this project has been very helpful in offering something positive to focus on within the pregnancy. Alas, I'm not the ooey gooey radiant and joyous pregnant woman people wish I was.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty proud of the film so far, especially for being the complete experiment that it's been. You will see how far it's come in the version above! What's new? - I took the very rough recording Stephanie and I did back in March, so you can now see how the music is coming together and in my opinion, bringing it all to life. The music ends before the dancing because that's all the movement I had when we met, but the music will continue in a similar style and I will be adding a few more lyrics that will carry it through to the end.

I also added another element in the editing process. Did you notice it? The numbers in the upper right side of the screen represent the number of weeks along I am. The numbers aren't entirely accurate - (not at all accurate in the beginning) - but they are intended to give a sense of time. Everything in pregnancy is about how many weeks along you are. I am hoping that for first time viewers who don't know what the piece is about, the numbers will pique their curiosity because they won't understand what they mean. As soon as my belly starts showing it will become more clear. While anticipation will build naturally for anyone as my belly grows, the numbers add another level of that anticipation for anyone who knows pregnancy is about a 40 week process. At least that's the intention.

So that's where I'm at as of week 33! Would love to hear your comments or questions.

More to come as the countdown continues....

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