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"Creation Story" Introduction

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I'm starting a new project and YOU are all will be getting exclusive access to it. The title of my new project is "Creation Story" which has a double meaning.

1) I will be teaching myself to create a dance for film right in front of your very eyes! And I'll be sharing elements of the creative process with you all along the way so you can see how it comes together.

2) In addition to creating a dance for film, this project is about the tiny human I am creating in my belly right now! In mid-September my husband and I discovered we were pregnant. While neither a complete surprise, nor meticulously planned, it was certainly a life-altering shift that changed my world over night - or more accurately, over the course of about five minutes.

My biggest fear with this change was never about being a parent. (that'll be easy right? ;) As a dancer my biggest fear was always about the pregnancy itself. Six years ago I went through a massive hip surgery and am familiar with what it feels like to have my body weak, changing, healing, basically not my own. As a dancer, whose entire life has been built around exploration of, advancement of, and control over my body, anything that gets in the way of that is unsettling and frankly a bit unwelcome.

However as a female, pregnancy can be an incredible part of the physical human experience.

So I rolled around the conflict in my brain until I came up with a plan. I’ve been wanting to do a dance for film, but time and again things fell through, collaborators had a change of plans etc. This time, I decided the project would be a solo work, simply about me and my changing body.

The process so far has already been interesting, challenging, and meaningful. It’s been a way for me to take my resistance to my changing body and counteract it with the preservation of my identity through continuing to dance, be creative, and even explore both the light and dark corners of the experience through movement.

About the Video

In order to keep some element of suspense, I'm just going to be posting raw footage here, but the final product will be different - in ways I won't reveal until the end! This is true to the rehearsal process anyway, which is never the polished, finalized work.

So enjoy, and expect to see many more "Creation Story" posts between now and June!

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