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Silent Lucidity Gig - Performance

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

This is a follow-up to a post from before, so if you missed the first one, go back and check out the post Silent Lucidity - First Rehearsal with Bella to get caught up.

The final piece was put together in just two rehearsals with Bella, then a few more for me to work on my solo section on my own. Then we were able to run through the piece a couple times the day of the event in the actual space for spacing and to sort out introductions, entrances and exits.

This piece was choreographed for a 50th birthday Michael was throwing for his wife, Lisa. The whole party was elaborate. The surprise happened at 6:00, then someone jumped out of a cake, then there was a duo dressed in chicken costumes that did some sort of skit, then dinner was served while an Andean Folk Band which included musicians, singers and dancers dressed in full traditional costumes performed, then a DJ who played an eclectic mix of current music. Then, Bella and I.

Michael, was wearing a tux with a red vest and top hat. He introduced the piece by saying some words about the meaning of the song and what a special place it holds in his wife's heart, followed by, "So Lisa, this is my gift to you."

As you will see in the video, the amount of space we had to dance was a good size, but the audience, which you don't really see in the video was just inches away.

After the performance, Michael called Bella and I one at a time back to the stage where he introduced us, bowed and presented us each with a single rose. It was quite a sweet touch.

I have performed at many private events, but this one was so well executed, every last touch was personal, and our host Michael was so gracious. When I followed up with him after the performance he said his wife cried when they got home that night and wondered where he found such beautiful dancers. She was blown away by the whole event.

What I loved about this project was that Michael had a very clear vision, he knew the song and he knew the concept, but logistically needed assistance bringing it to life. My role was to be that guide. With two of the most important aspects covered (song and concept) I brought my expertise in choreography and production to assure the performance accomplished his vision. Plus, there's nothing like a meaningful gesture to warm your heart, which made the whole experience enjoyable to work on.

Enjoy, and perhaps consider some sort of meaningful surprise for one of your loved ones (no need to be as elaborate as this), it's sure to be memorable!

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